About Me

385431_2629736734924_342302697_n         My name is Marissa Dickey and I am a newly appointed missionary to Colombia’s capital city, Bogota. God has given me a desire to work alongside missionaries and nationals to assist in planting churches and building communities of faith by sharing the hope of Christ through evangelism and training up believers who will reproduce spiritually through discipleship. In addition, with my degree in Photography, I am passionate about serving and ministering to the missionaries, churches and ministries of South America by providing tools and resources and to share the incredible glory stories of how God is opening doors to tell of the mysteries of God.

I was born in Caldwell Idaho, the fourth out of six kids. My parents poured into my life the incredible love of Christ that saved and changed them. I accepted Christ, His gift and relationship at a young age and I recognize that missionaries that shared in my church impacted my life from that time forward. while in high school I realized God was asking me to respond to the need to reach the lost and make disciples of all nations and I committed to follow God’s calling to invest my own life in missions.

I am being sent by Montana Ave. Baptist Church in Caldwell Idaho, where I have been blessed to attend all of my 22 years. I have been involved in, as well as served in children, youth, young adult and women’s ministries and more. To God be the glory!

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