Vision & Ministry


My desire and vision for ministry…

My desire is to assist in planting churches and building communities of faith through evangelism and discipleship by setting patterns of spiritual reproduction in children’s, youth, young adult, and women’s ministries.

  A little of what that looks like…

In Bogota’s overwhelmingly large city, each individual neighborhood has it’s own unique community of people. There are many incredible needs and opportunities for reaching out with the truth of Christ and developing churches in new areas. My role is to work alongside the missionary field team in Bogota as well as national believers to engage these communities with the hope of the gospel and to be active in training and discipleship in various ministries for the growth of new churches. God has especially given me a burden for young girls and women, some of which are caught in the trap of prostitution and or destructive marriages at ages as young as 12 years old. 

In addition, with my degree in photography, God has given me a passion and a unique opportunity to serve missionaries, churches, and ministries by providing them with tools and resources to share the incredible glory stories of God at work throughout Colombia and the countries of South America.

   A little of what that looks like…

God is powerfully at work in South America and around the world. Missionaries and believers in these places have incredible stories of God’s glory and goodness that proclaim salvation and encourage hearts. My goal and desire is to give missionaries tools to use in their ministries and church plants as well as share stories and needs in an impacting way. I also believe that the body of Christ, who partners with and prays for missionaries are just as prominent in these ministries as the missionaries are themselves. My hope is to help increase the connection and sharing ability between goers and senders which is so important and exciting.

My availability to serve missionaries in this way would not only be in Colombia, but also to the other field teams in South America such as, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador.


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