May / June 2016


” He has made His wonderful works to be remembered,

The Lord is gracious and full of compassion.”    ~Psalm 111:4

Storytelling! what a blessing it is to proclaim his wonderful works! This past month I got to be involved in a multimedia workshop called Storytellers Abroad. 11 of us produced 11 videos depicting the stories, needs and ministries of the missionaries and the Nicaraguan people. My story was of a Nicaraguan missionary, Brenda Solórzano. Personally for me her story and heart for ministry hit home as it is what we desire to see happening in Colombia among so many suffering and in need the One true healer!


” Sadly, in the majority of churches, Biblical Counseling doesn’t exist…”

… What will happen to the these lives, these souls that are being lost, souls without Christ, going along in life without finding the solutions for their lives.. “

                                                                                                                                   – Brenda

Brenda Solórzano (pictured right) lives and serves in the coastal city of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. After receiving Christ as her Savior, She received biblical counseling that helped her overcome burdens and the guilt of her past. Brenda now is trained in biblical counseling and is passionate about equipping the women of the Nicaraguan churches to use the Bible to lead others to the answers to true and complete healing in Christ, confronting issues such as teen pregnancy, divorce, abuse, and addiction.

Esterlin Chavez (pictured left) accepted Christ as her Lord and is receiving counseling and discipleship from Brenda. Esterlin walked through a difficult pregnancy. Ultrasound after ultrasound showed the worst, with doctors and family pressuring her even offering her money to abort. In God’s strength she held firm and miraculously delivered a perfectly healthy baby. Esterlin and her husband are now expecting their 5th child. She has a heart to be used of God to reach into brokenness of her community. 

   “I believe that if I had stayed in the world and had not believed in God,  I might have committed the sin of abortion…in other words, I would have killed a life… ”    

                                                                                                                                            – Esterlin

 Images below of Esterlin and one of her precious gifts…







Here are some more Images from the trip…





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